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Emma Harding Vocal Coach, Calgary Alberta

Emma Harding

"This course and community helped me hone in my focus and gain accountability to streamline my business and launch my online coaching packages. It is so inspiring to see all the business magic that goes on in this group!"

Liz Campbell Personal Trainer, M12 Fitness, Calgary Alberta

Liz Campbell

"This marketing school helped me clarify my goals, become more tech savvy, and make new friends! Realizing that I'm not alone in my challenges was huge for me. I don't ever want to go back to the days before I had this team!"

I didn’t have a clear idea about my messaging before this - but I do now. I know exactly what my purpose is and I’ve met the most amazing women!
— Kati Pauls, katipauls.ca

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Not sure what to say on social media to attract your ideal clients? Do you wish you had a team of like-minded female entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of?

We are hard working women building businesses and lifestyles backed by our purpose, our team and our insatiable hunger for taking risks and learning. Welcome to your new community, Fempreneur!

The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.
— Seth Godin
Amy Monea, Therapist, Heard Wellness Through Horses, Calgary Alberta

Amy Monea

"My classmates and our leader, Lyndsie Barrie, provided a safe environment to try new things. The feedback I got was very helpful. Since my graduation, I have stayed active in this community because I enjoy being around passionate, driven women!”



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